Quick Start Guide to Understanding Men

7 Essentials Every Woman Needs to Know About the Man She Loves

For the record, I love men.  
I started studying them when I was 4 years old.

Now I have three grown sons
and three not-yet-grown grandsons. 

And one particular man whom I absolutely adore.  
He has the power to melt my heart.  
That’s the best part for me. 

Because I am a Hopeful Romantic
who believes anything is possible.

But for the first half of my life, I was thoroughly confused by men. 

My father was absent from my life for 37 years, and my first two marriages (Yikes! Did I just say that out loud?) ended in divorce. 

For years I believed
all of that was my fault.

Then I started studying men from a different angle: as a Psychologist and Couples Counselor.

I was amazed by what I learned: It’s really all about the girl.

Quick Start Guide to Understanding Men is a 50-page Workbook that covers the essentials of what I’ve learned over the past two decades.  I hope you find it useful in your own quest to love – and be loved by – the man of your dreams.  We will be covering the following topics:

  1. Living with Uncertainty
  2. Sensitive & Complex
  3. Breaking the Rules
  4. His Divine Purpose
  5. The Language of Men
  6. How to Get an Upgrade
  7. How to Encourage His Leadership

Helping You Get What You Want

Quick Start Guide to Understanding Men is downloadable and filled with practical info - based on years of research - that you can instantly apply to your relationship with the man you love.

Ask Me Anything!

Because I'm here to help. You may post your comments & questions in the Discussion Section of each Lesson in the Companion Course. I promise to respond to each post within 24 hours (except Holidays and weekends, of course).

Our misunderstandings drove my husband & I apart, when we really wanted the same thing all along, how sad.  My only regret is the years spent in miscommunication when we could have been enjoying each other all along.  I really want more couples to have this insight.  My husband & I are far from perfect in our communication & we are in therapy now, but just me having more awareness makes a huge difference in our interactions.  And he was been so much more expressive about what he likes about me and all that is good with us.

~ Solange

Download this 50-page workbook to help you turn everything around in just 1 week!

Dr. Debi Smith
Dr. Debi Smith
The Couple's Psychologist

About the instructor

As a Clinical Psychologist, Couples Counselor, and former Professor, I look forward to helping you apply life-giving principles to everyday life and love. My primary area of interest, compassion, and expertise is the Psychology of Men and Marriage.

If you ever have any questions, please let me know. I'm here to help.

Dr. Debi