How to Resolve Couple Conflict

Breaking the Negative Cycle & Creating Connection | Dr. Debi Smith

Every couple experiences conflict.  Simply because no two people are exactly alike.  Add to that the fact that men and women speak different languages, and you're sure to have trouble brewing sooner or later.  

This course is designed to help you find healthier ways to resolve conflict, break the negative cycle, and create connection.

You will learn how to resolve conflict in a way that leaves you feeling better  ...

  • understood, 
  • accepted, and 
  • connected to one another.

NOTE: I am currently building this course. What do you have access to so far?

5 Quizzes
5 Texts
10 Presentations

Yes, when your romance is at stake, you have a lot to lose ... and a lot to gain!

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Dr. Debi Smith
Dr. Debi Smith
The Couple's Psychologist

About the instructor

As a Clinical Psychologist, Couples Counselor, and former Professor, I look forward to helping you apply life-giving principles to everyday life and love. My primary area of interest, compassion, and expertise is the Psychology of Men and Marriage.

If you ever have any questions, please let me know. I'm here to help.

Dr. Debi