Wisdom. Confidence. Influence.

For more than a decade, I have been teaching women about biblical, research-based ways to understand and partner with the men they love.

That task completed (like it ever could be, right?), I decided to conduct a survey to find out what my readers would like from me next.

In particular, I wondered how to encourage men to build satisfying relationships by leading with confidence & compassion.

The results surprised me.

One man I interviewed believed I should switch my focus to writing for men & suggested I begin by reading his favorite book about manhood.

I took his suggestion seriously.

But as I dove into the material, I realized the author had failed to address a man's need for a woman. He placed the entire burden of EVERYTHING on himself ALONE, ignoring the partnership God created from the Beginning. GENESIS 2:18, 1 CORINTHIANS 11:9

That's when I had one of those “suddenly” moments we read about in the Bible ... the good kind ... an instant awareness of amazing Truth as in LUKE 2:8-14.

* * *
Suddenly I realized that most women – including myself – don’t fully understand our value & our purpose in today’s world.
 * * *

Therefore, I decided to continue my mission as-is: to seek a deeper understanding of what it means to be a woman in relationship with a man from a Christian perspective.

Another surprise …

An awful lot of books written for women fail to (or inadequately) address our biblical partnership with men, especially with our husbands. And I had another “suddenly” moment. Women - in God's original design - are way more important on this earth than we've been led to believe!

* * *
In fact, Wisdom itself is personified as a Woman!
 * * *

Who knew, right? You did, actually.

  • What woman doesn't want to be wise?
  • And what man doesn't want a wise woman in his life?

In fact, women are a major theme in the Book of Proverbs. This verse jumped out at me first:

The wise woman builds her house,
 but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.


So who is this Wise Woman? 

  • How does she think differently than the foolish one?
  • How does she truly feel about her life & love?
  • What does she do differently daily?

The Wise Woman's Guide is for women who are ...

  • Married

    Start a journey of self-discovery and learning to better relate to/partner with your husband. NOTE: If wish you were in couples counseling, but your husband won't go, this will most definitely be an enlightening experience for you!

  • Engaged/Dating

    You don't have to make the same mistakes others have made before you! Instead, you can get your relationship off to a great start. Research shows that premarital education can make a real difference in the first year, which is where problems typically begin.

  • Single/Divorced

    Gain confidence now. Don't wait until you're already in a relationship before you start learning about men and your relationship to them. Learn how to distinguish the frogs from the princes, to recognize the differences between unhealthy and healthy male behavior.

The Wise Woman's Guide includes ...

  • Free Copy of My Book

    You will receive a signed copy of my book, Ephesians 5 Romance ($20 value), as my thank you for your participation. Use it as your textbook or give it away to a friend who needs support.

  • Email Support

    Six weeks of email support as you learn! Courses include multiple opportunities to submit questions directly to Dr. Debi for personal support.

Welcome. Introduction to the Course. How to Navigate the Site and connect with Dr. Debi and the Wise Woman's Community. NOTE: This is also where you request your FREE copy of my book!

Lost. Stolen. Deceived. Identity Unknown. What happened to the Princess? What lie have you believed about yourself that has its roots in something that happened to you? "Jesus came to find and to redeem all that was lost" (Luke 19:10).

Women are the most beautiful of all God's creation. It's no wonder the enemy of your soul doesn't want you to know that about yourself. Especially because your beauty comes with a strength that you might learn how to use against him!

Men are the most wonderful creatures God ever designed. But most women don't understand why men think, feel, and behave as they do. This course will begin to unlock the mystery and help you develop a whole new appreciation for men.

Do you realize that Wisdom is personified as a woman? We'll take a look at the Book of Proverbs to discover what Wisdom has to say to 21st Century women.

Biblically-sound and research-based, this capstone course brings together all that you have learned to help you create a Joyful Marriage ... even for those women who don't currently have a marriage to make joyful.

DISCLAIMER: This group is not for everyone!

Information provided in this course is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace a professional evaluation or treatment for mental health issues. If you are struggling with any of the following, please contact a local mental health professional or your physician.

  • Domestic Violence/Abuse
  • Infidelity/Abandonment
  • Addiction (his or yours)
  • Suicidal thoughts

NOTICE: If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please go to your nearest emergency room or call 911.

If none of these apply to your situation, please join us!

A Wise Woman's Guide to Life & Love

Step-by-Step Encouragement * Research-Based * Biblically-Sound